SAP / ERP Solutions

Software Profiles Inc team consists of C Level executives to middle managers and engineers. All candidates are thoroughly veted by our management team before being presented to the client. We put strong emphasis on preserving client’s valuable time by presenting the right candidate the first time


We have resources and expertise in variety of databases including SQL, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Access. We provide database design, development and administration services. Additionally, we have expertise in:

• Database Migration Support
• Database Replication
• Database Monitoring
• Data Modeling
• Performance and tuning
• Others

Big Data and Analytics

Whether you are developing a marketing strategy, doing traffic analysis for new highways or running an election campaign, SP knows how to effectively manage big data so its clients can better spot business trends, determine quality of research, prevent diseases, and more. Software Profiles Inc sets up its customers to process large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. We have resources and expertise in following big data tools:

Hadoop, Microsoft HDInsight, NoSQL, Hive, Sqoop, PolyBase, Presto.

Networking and Security

IT networking and security have significantly become challenging with many new threats arising in the web world.  However, by identifying the right IT network security services, managing your network in an efficient and cost-effective ways become possible. We specialize in providing a wide spectrum of network security solutions integrated with new technologies to identify the real threat of your network and organization.


•   Managed Firewall to prevent costly security breaches / unauthorized access
•   DDoS Mitigation to give protection against DDoS attacks
•   Intrusion detection / intrusion prevention
•   Network devices vulnerability scanning
•   URL / Web filtering
•   Real-time monitoring / alerting
•   Improved network performance
•   Create virtualized operating environment
•   Support unified communications / collaborations
•   Leverage multiple types of WAN connectivity
•   Detect anomalies with using Big Data security analytics

No matter what size is your organization, we would design a tailor-made solution for your business. Reach out to us and our technical experts will come out with a detailed plan to meet your needs.