We use staff interviews, document reviews, observation and industry bench marking to conduct a comprehensive assessment of client’s business model, product, team, tools or processes and make strategic recommendations to significantly improve the productivity bottom line We provide comprehensive root cause analysis, recommendation for team, process and tool improvement, a viable and cost effective implementation plan.

 We specialize in setting up of low cost yet high quality offshore outsourcing, operation setup and oversight process


  • Onsite evaluation, audit and report

  • System and process improvements

  • Offshore outsourcing and setup

  • Supplier selection and oversight

  • Tool selection and implementation

  • Project management and oversight

  • Configuration management

  • Content management

  • Development, testing and certification

  • Turnkey solutions


  • Embedded Systems

  • Databases

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Center

  • Network Security

  • Voice over IP

  • Middleware

  • Networking

  • Ecommerce and Web design

  • Power Builder and Crystal Report


  • Avionics and Aerospace

  • Telecommunication and RF

  • Healthcare and Hospice

  • Automotive and Transportation

  • Banking and Finance

  • Accounting and Insurance

  • Gaming and Recreation

  • Airline and Ticketing

  • Education and Research

  • Retail and Sales