At Software Profiles Inc, we take pride in offering only the best talent. Our team includes top-level executives, experienced managers, and skilled engineers who undergo a rigorous screening process. Our management team carefully evaluates each candidate to ensure a match for your specific needs, saving you time and hassle in the hiring process. Trust us to bring you the right fit the first time.

Business Model

Direct Hire Solutions: Hire highly qualified professionals to meet your specific needs.Contract-based Staffing: On-site support with time and material-based assignments.Contract-to-Hire: Flexible option with time and material-based resources and potential direct hire.In-Country Remote Contracting: US-based contractors working from home for seamless collaboration.Offshore Remote Contracting: High-quality results with cost-effective offshore contractors.Turn-Key Solutions: Tailored and comprehensive solutions for select assignments.Let us help you find the best solution for your staffing needs. Contact us today!


C-Level Executives: CEO, CTO, CIO, COO, President, Vice President, General Manager, Director

  • Engineering: All engineering disciplines, all levels
  • Information technology: Networking, cloud, database, SAP and all other IT
  • Business Essentials: Human resources, finance, marketing, customer support, supply chain, procurement

Industries Served

  • Aerospace, Railroad, Automotive, Transportation
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Mortgage
  • Healthcare, Education, Non Profit, Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunication, Internet, Entertainment, Gaming